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Bhagavathi Fund
The Kulletira Bhagavathi Fund–Grain Bank– set up at the Ain Mane, in 1913, has come a long way since inception. It has ushered in food security among family members. The cooperative principle, based on which the Fund has always functioned, has helped improve the economic conditions of its members, highlighting the motto of service among the members.

Any member of the family who have attained the age of 18 years are eligible to become members. Fund has chiefly contributed to the welfare of the family members. The members of the Fund continue to get well served to meet the expenditure related to marriages, naming ceremonies, funerals and other needs. Pomp and gaiety had marked the centenary celebrations of the Fund in the year 2013.

Armed forces
The family members have maintained the martial tradition even to this day. Its members have been serving in various wings of armed forces with distinction. The entire nation is proud of the supreme sacrifice of Major Kulletira A. Somaiah, who laid down life in the IPKF operations in Sri Lanka. Maj. Somaiah, was martyred in Operation Pawan in that country on October 18, 1987. He belonged to the Para regiment. He was awarded the Sena Medal posthumously in 1989. Entire Kulletira family remembers the supreme sacrifice Maj. Somaiah with great pride.

The military tradition is being carried forward successfully by Col. Kulletira C. Monnappa from the Kumaon regiment. Kulletira B. Appanna, a retired Lt. Col. now lives in Mysore. That as many as 28 persons have served various wings of the Indian armed forces in the past indeed speaks of the martial tradition of the family.

Significantly, Maj. Somaiah’s father, Kulletira A. Appachu, too is a retired police officer. He has the distinction of winning the President’s medal for rendering meritorious service.

Field of Education
The family boasts of rendering yeoman service in the field of education as well. Two of its members–Kulletira B.Aiyappa and Kulletira B.Somaiah–have served as the Joint Directors of Public Instructions (JDPI). Apart from this, as many as 15 members have served as teachers, furthering a glorious culture and tradition of perpetuating knowledge.

Kulletira .S Uthaiah, is an outstanding hockey player. He is the recipient of Ekalavya award, the highest sports honour accorded by the State Government. Mr. Uthaiah played for India in the year ……. and represented the Karnataka State hockey team for …..years, captaining it for …..years.

Another member, Kulletira C. Devaiah (Jeeth) is a reputable fitness trainer (get more details). Kulletira M. Subbaiah has remained a former national level athlete. As many as 10 members have represented various Universities in different sports and games disciplines.

Some other members of the family are pursuing different avocations in journalism, politics, cooperatiave sector bringing laurels to the family. Kulletira G. Nanaiah (Ajith), Secretary of the Managing Committee, is a founder-director of Cauvery Times, a popular Kannada daily being published from Gonicoppa.

Another member, Kulletira M. Aruna (Beba), convenor of the festival, has served as the president as also vice president of the Napoklu gram panchayat, both put together for over 16 years. He is also the Director of the Napoklu Nad Consumers Cooperative Stores since 20 years. Kulletira Jyothi Nachappa is one of its sitting members. Mr. Ajith Nanaiah and Ms. Hema Beba are the sitting directors of Napoklu Kodava Samaja. Kulletira Rajesh Thammaiah is serving as the vice president of Napoklu Grain Bank. Kulletira C. Muthappa, other member of the family, is a member.

A nine-member group of progressive-minded youth from the family has ventured into another unique area. The group is cultivating coffee in an area of five acres of leased land from the family for a period of 15 years, naming it as Ponmani Estate. The efforts are bearing fruits this year as the group is set to harvest the first crop. Proceeds from the crop will go towards the welfare of the family.